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Terry Shane is a celebrated actress known for her diverse body of work spanning across various genres in film and television. Born on December 28, 1952, in Minnesota, United States, she established herself as a versatile performer with her roles in both French and American productions [5].

Before her acting career took off, Terry was a model for the Glamour agency and a dancer. Her transition to television was facilitated by Stéphane Collaro, and she began her career as a coco-girl on the Coco-Boy show on TF1 [5].

Her acting career took a leap when she appeared in the television series “Hitchhiker – Unglaubliche Geschichten” in 1983, and later in “Auf eigene Faust” and “Le jeu du renard,” both in 1990 [2, 3]. She also featured in sitcoms such as “Hélène et les Garçons” and “Classe mannequin” [5, 6].

In 1995, she played a role in “Quatre pour un loyer” [3, 8]. Other notable works include “Tattle Tale” in 1992 where she played the second woman at a bookstore [6, 8].

In her personal life, Terry Shane was in a relationship with Guy Montagné for nearly 20 years. They got married in 1995 but divorced in 2003. During their time together, Terry directed Guy Montagné’s one-man shows [5].

Terry Shane’s contribution to the world of entertainment extends beyond acting, she has also showcased her talents as a producer. Her notable works as a producer include “The Adventures of Superseven” in 2011, “They Call Me Superseven” in 2016, and “Superseven Unchained” in 2015 [9].

As of 2023, Terry Shane has a net worth of $5 million [9]. In recent years, she has transitioned into new career paths, making her mark beyond the screens. However, the details of her current ventures remain elusive [5].

From her early days as a model to her extensive career in acting and production, Terry Shane’s multifaceted career reflects her commitment to her craft and her versatility as an artist.

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  • 1997: Minimum program with Guy Montagné and Jean-Hugues Lime


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