Regis Koetschet


Regis Koetschet

Born on May 4, 1949, Régis Koetschet is a highly accomplished individual with an impressive career in international affairs and diplomacy. He holds a law degree and has completed advanced studies in public law, as well as diplomas from the National Institute of Oriental Languages and Civilizations, specializing in both Eastern and Modern Arabic.

Koetschet’s journey in the realm of foreign affairs began in November 1976 when he successfully passed the Foreign Affairs Secretary Examination, with a focus on the Orient. He subsequently served in various positions, showcasing his expertise and dedication to his profession. His early postings included assignments in Tripoli d’Afrique (1977-1979) and Baghdad (1979-1981). He then joined the central administration as part of the Strategic Affairs and Disarmament Division (1981-1984). Koetschet’s career further flourished with postings in Islamabad (1984-1986) and The Hague (1987-1990), where he held the position of Deputy Director for the Middle East at the North Africa and Middle East Directorate (1990-1992).

Continuing his ascent, Koetschet served as an ambassador to Muscat (1992-1995) and Lomé (1995-1999), and subsequently became the Deputy Director of the North Africa and Middle East Directorate (1999-2002). He also held the significant role of Consul General in Jerusalem (2002-2005) and Ambassador to Kabul (2005-2008). In 2008, he assumed the position of Director of Development Policies, followed by his appointment as the Head of the Civil Society Relations and Partnerships Mission at the Directorate-General for Globalization (2009-2014).

Recognized for his exceptional contributions, Koetschet has been honored as a Knight of the Legion of Honor and an Officer in the National Order of Merit. Furthermore, he has served as an Assessor Judge at the National Court for Asylum Law (CNDA) on behalf of the Council of State since 2014.

In addition to his professional achievements, Koetschet actively participates in various associations and organizations. He is involved with the Foundation of France, specifically the committees for international solidarity and solidarity with migrants. He is also affiliated with the Franco-Afghan Friendship (Afrane), the Center for Afghan Studies and Documentary Research (CEREDAF), and the Mission for the Development of Rural Economies in Afghanistan (Madera).

Koetschet is an accomplished author as well. His publications include “Diplomate dans l’Orient en crise. Jérusalem et Kaboul 2002-2008” (Editions Maisonneuve et Larose Hémisphères – August 2021) and “A Kaboul rêvait mon père – André Malraux en Afghanistan” (Editions Nevicata – October 2021).

This biography was last updated in January 2022.


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