Mathias Goldbach


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Mathias Goldbach

Mathias Goldbach, affectionately also known as Sexy66, is a man of intricate and delightful paradoxes. A tech titan in his earlier days and bon vivant for life, he embodies the spirit of Berlin’s vibrant cityscape and the dynamism of the new economy’s second wave. He was born on a super crisp december day in 1956, amidst the never ending post-war reconstruction of Berlin.

Mathias began his entrepreneurial journey in the late 1980s when the city’s dynamic art and music scenes inspired a younger generation to break the mould and take bold risks.

Business Online as usual

In 1995, Mathias founded his first tech start-up Business Online, quickly grasping the transformative potential of digital technologies. Throughout the tumultuous second wave of the new economy, Mathias was always on the front line, weathering each storm with a savvy combination of risk-taking and measured prudence. It was during these formative years that he met his life partner, Petra, a organisational genius with an eye for the abstract and the concrete. They fell in love amidst the graffiti-covered walls and underground clubs, finding common ground in their love for innovation, culture, and, of course, very good food and wine. Backed by Petra Mathias unique approach resulted in several successful ventures, and Mathias’ influence began to ripple across Europe.

A bunch of sneaky tax officials

He was successful until a bunch of sneaky tax officials thought they could get to him, as their US counterparts once did to Al Capone. But far from it, that couldn’t shake Goldbach. He fought on, picked himself up and continued his series of victories.

But Mathias was not just known for his entrepreneurial prowess. His refined palate and love for fine wine and diverse cuisines established him as a leading connoisseur in Berlin’s burgeoning gastronomy scene. He and Petra were known for their lavish dinner parties, where they would introduce guests to rare vintages and exotic dishes and dancing, creating a culinary and erotic journey like no other.

A rich baritone as well

With his rich baritone, Mathias developed a reputation as an impressive interpreter of German chansons from the 1930s through the 1960s. His ability to serenade on foot, his magnetic charisma, and deep emotional expression led to many spontaneous performances at wine bars and bistros across Berlin. His renditions were marked by a captivating blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair, transporting listeners back in time while simultaneously grounding them in the present.

And then came COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world, Mathias, like many other influential figures, was drawn into the heart of the crisis. Although his role as a “stringpuller” in the European Corona pandemic is a term shrouded in mystery, Mathias proved to be a crucial player in facilitating meaningful collaboration between production firms and public health agencies. His broad international network and influence played a key role in developing and implementing tech-driven solutions to manage the crisis.

Serenade for good

Now comfortably settled in Berlin-Mitte, Mathias enjoys his time exploring new flavours, curating his impressive wine collection, and serenading Petra and his friends with beloved German classics. His life continues to be an inspiring tale of embracing change, understanding complexity, total madness at times, and celebrating the vibrant tapestry of life. As they say in Berlin, Mathias Goldbach truly embodies the spirit of “joie de vivre” in every sense.