Arnauld Pontier


Arnauld Pontier

Arnauld Pontier, a French writer, was born in Valenciennes and had a diverse upbringing, spending his childhood and adolescence in Laos and Algeria. From an early age, he developed a passion for comic books and science fiction, which eventually led him to embark on a career as a writer. At the tender age of 14, Pontier began writing poetry, an artistic pursuit that would lay the foundation for his future literary endeavors.

Pontier’s literary influences span across different genres and eras. He has expressed his admiration for renowned science fiction authors such as Theodore Sturgeon and Isaac Asimov, whose imaginative works captivated his young mind. Additionally, he draws inspiration from the literary giants of the 19th century, including Émile Zola, Honoré de Balzac, and Gustave Flaubert, whose mastery of storytelling and intricate character development have left an indelible mark on his own writing style.

In the early stages of his career, Pontier ventured into the realm of historical novels, channeling his appreciation for the works of Zola, Balzac, and Flaubert. One of his notable early works, “The Thirteenth Target” (French: “La Treizième Cible”), published by Actes Sud, earned him the prestigious Marguerite Yourcenar prize in 2004. Pontier has revealed that this particular novel holds elements of autobiography, showcasing his ability to infuse personal experiences into his storytelling.

As his writing career progressed, Pontier’s literary repertoire expanded to encompass science fiction. Displaying his versatility as an author, he skillfully weaves together elements of pulp fiction and popular culture within his works. This fusion of genres reflects his fascination with the immersive and imaginative qualities of science fiction, as well as his appreciation for the iconic narratives that have emerged from pulp literature and popular media.

Arnauld Pontier’s contributions to the literary world showcase his ability to traverse different genres and create engaging narratives that captivate readers. Whether delving into the realm of historical fiction or exploring the depths of science fiction, Pontier’s works bear the mark of a writer who is deeply connected to both the literary tradition and the ever-evolving landscape of popular culture.


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